Patricia Solis

Obituary of Patricia Meneses Solis

Patricia Meneses Solis passed away at her Hollister residence after a lengthy illness on June 21st, 2020 at the age of 58 years. A loving mother, daughter, aunt, and enthusiast for everyone has transitioned, and is resting with God in eternal paradise at the age of 58. Patricia Solis Meneses Diaz was born May 12th, 1962 in Toluca, Mexico to her parents Roberto Meneses Montes De Oca, and Angela Diaz Duran. Toluca, Mexico is where she went to school where she is remembered for always smiling, and her laugh that could be heard throughout the hallways of school. She was part of a big family which made her the woman she was. She is remembered by her brothers and sisters as being happy, brave, loving, resilient, and caring. Our Mother met my Dad, Guillermo Solis at El Technologico, which is the college they attended. During her years here at El Technologico she was very outgoing and involved in school activities. Those who knew our Mom would describe her as very kind, charismatic, respectful, caring, outgoing, and above all a loving woman. She went on to win “Miss Sympatia” out of her class. I will always remember how she told her story about how her and my Dad first got introduced by their friend Paco; who knew my Mom liked that my Dad was the studious type and was always in the library. My Dad found my Mom intelligent, witty, & cute. They ended up getting introduced, and dated, graduated, and began their journey in life as a couple. They got married on September 13th, 1986, and boy let me tell you it was nothing short of a fairytale wedding as our Mom always loved to describe it. Everyone had a blast and she would show us the pictures. As they say there wasn’t TV back then, so I wasn't too far along then my 2 other brothers were born, “Los 3 Mosketeros” Guillermo Jr. (El Monkey), Christian (El Venado), and Ricardo (El Osito) as they called us when we were kids. They pursued the American Dream and left Mexico, seeking a better opportunity in the United States. Like most they started in agriculture in the fields with time and their hard work along with their education, they worked their way up and found other job opportunities. They provided a roof over our heads, and our Mother was always there with a warm meal, and love every day, even after working long shifts. She always put her family before anything. One of the things I remember the most is she always told us that there are always solutions to every problem, just like her father used to tell her. Since we were young, we were told to remember this and understand it so we could develop necessary life skills. She never found any issue or problem too big or difficult. Even in times of crisis or hardships, she always remained calm and rational. She was always able to provide that motherly nurture and comfort. As we grew older, just like any parent wants, they want their children to go to school and get an education, which we did. She always found a way to keep us involved and interested in school, and extracurricular activities. Our parents always managed to attend our games, matches, tournaments and cheer us on, even if we were getting our butts kicked. Our Mother no matter how tough we were going through it, she always figured out a way to celebrate every Holiday and festive days. One of the fondest memories one Halloween she made my brothers and my Halloween outfits from scratch, and I was truly amazed how good they came out because I didn't get one from the store. These are the things I will remember from my Mom, and hope to pass on to my kids. She prepared us for life, and everything it was going to show us. About 4 years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer; it progressed to the head. Since then, she fought the brave and valiant fight, and gave it her all. She is the true definition of a Guerrera, a warrior, she amazed the doctors with the fight she had in her, and perseverance. These last couple of months she wanted to spend them at home surrounded by her family, and loved ones. During this time, she would always tell us to not shed tears of sadness, but rather tears of joy. She wanted us to Celebrate her life, and all the Happy memories, so that is what we shall do! Patricia is survived by her Mother, Angela Diaz Duran, her husband Guillermo Solis, her 2 sons Guillermo Solis Jr, & Ricardo Solis, and her brothers, sisters, nieces, & nephews. Visitation will be on Monday, June 29th from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. with the recitation of the Rosary at 7:00 p.m. On Tuesday, June 30th, family and friends will meet at St. Benedict Church at 11:00 a.m. for a Mass of the Resurrection. Interment will be private.